Help – My Hair Is Too Frizzy

If you have puffy and unmanageable tresses, you are certainly not alone. Many women who have uttered the words, “Help – my hair is too frizzy”. Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to tame your unruly strands. Best of all, many of these strategies will improve the overall health, look, length and feel of your hair in the process.

There was once a time when women made a daily ritual of combing their locks with nothing short of one hundred brush strokes before going to bed. This might seem like a lot of unnecessary effort, but if it is done properly and with the right tools, it can be very beneficial. This is because it stimulates the scalp, which in turn releases a wealth of natural oils that moisturize and tame the locks. Brushing these oils all through your hair will calm down their frizziness and make them far more manageable. The best brush for this task is a soft-bristled brush that is just firm enough to be felt at the scalp.

frizzy hairGive your ends a trim to minimize dead ends. It is also a good idea to regularly trim your ends. Dead, dry, damaged locks will not behave as they should. These can have a coarse and wiry appearance and they are far less likely to absorb any moisturizers that you apply than healthy hair.

It is generally best to remove no less than one full inch of hair each year. However, you can do this in two to three stages. Cutting a small amount off every six months or once every three months will provide the best benefits. Best of all, these efforts often result in a considerable amount of new growth.

Experiment with different shampoos, conditioners and styling products to find one that works best for you. This is an issue that may be as simple as finding the right products. A lot of households buy just one brand of products or even a single formula for addressing all resident needs. Although this is cheaper than buying something different for everyone, it is rarely the most effective solutions.

Hair textures and qualities can vary greatly from one person to the next. Surprisingly, if you find the right shampoo, condition and styling product for your needs, you will likely end up using a lot less of these things.

Use the right scissors when trimming your ends to avoid increased damage. Standard scissors can result in additional split ends. You should have your ends trimmed by a professional, or you should make sure that you are using the right tools when cutting them on your own. Take a trip to the local beauty supply store to find what you need.

Apply a hot oil treatment to your locks that saturates each strand right down to the root. These are low in cost, easy to use and very effective. This is something that you can do once every two weeks. If you have recently clipped your ends, you’re sure to get amazing results. Getting plenty of moisture all throughout the hair shaft will make each strand look and behave exactly like it should.

Choose hairstyles that are in line with the local climate and don’t be afraid to change your routine when outside humidity levels change as well. If the day is very hot and humid, think about wearing a bun rather than leaving your tresses own. You’ll feel cooler, and you want have to worry about your style getting frizzy. Adding a bit of extra moisture on dry days will keep the tresses springy and looking good.

lots of hair lookingWear a scarf at night to smooth your locks and trap natural oils in close to the scalp. This should be a silk or satin scarf as cotton will leach moisture and oils out of your hair. If you have been slipping on a cotton pillow case without the benefit of a scarf, this could explain any dryness and frizz that you’ve been dealing with.

Apply heat sparingly, particularly when the weather is very wet or humid. However, you can use flat irons and other tools to make your tresses more manageable as needed. When you do use things like hair dryers, curling irons or flat irons to achieve a smooth, sleek look, always apply a heat protectant.

You should additionally choose the temperature settings on these wisely, so you do not cause additional damage. While people often assume that frizzy, coarse hair is stronger than fine, silky hair, it is just a susceptible to heat damage when excess heat is applied.

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