hair styling for men

Hair Styling Tips for Men

If hair is the crowning glory for the women, there’s no reason for men to think the other way around. Our hairstyle is one of the first things people notice when they look at us, which is why it is important to give our hair the TLC it needs – and this true even to the guys out there.

Top Hair Styling Tips for Men

A great hairstyle can easily polish your look and instantly boost your confidence. Here are simple and practical hairstyling tips for men.

1) Make sure you are comfortable with the hairstyle you choose.

No matter if you have the latest hairstyle but if you aren’t comfortable with it, it’s basically pointless. Don’t just go for a hairstyle because it’s what’s ‘in’ at the moment or your local barber recommended it. Choose the hairstyle that matches your facial features and personality – and, always wear it with confidence.

2) Choose the hair style that matches the shape of your face.

Needless to say, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to hairstyling and haircuts. Knowing the haircut that suits your facial features is the key to achieving an attractive hairstyle.

Below are the recommended haircuts for every specific face shape:

Oblong – When your face tends to be longer than wide, go for short haircuts – short spiky hair, brush up style or side-swept crew cut.

Oval – Most hairstyles will go well for oval-shaped faces. For a more appealing look, wear your hair off your forehead and avoid bangs or fringes. You can go for short on the back and sides and a bit longer on the top haircut or a taper fade with quiff.

Square – A square face sports a more masculine look. Just like oval, it can also do justice in most haircuts. Short layers, side partings, textured comb over and crew cut should work well for square-shaped face.

Triangle – If you have triangle-shaped face, opt for medium-length haircut or a style with volume such as nose length haircuts that come with fuller sides. It’s also best for men with this shape of face to ditch off the beard and go clean-shaven.

Heart – It’s best for men with heart-shaped face to avoid tight haircuts, instead they should go for mid-length and longer hairstyles that are fairly light and thin to soften their strong forehead feature.

3) Thinning hair? Consider using matte products.

Thinning hair is a common problem that hits men in their thirties and forties. Using matte products, styling clay or paste, draw in light and make the hair look thicker instantly.

4) Use a base layer before finishing off with a wax, pomade or styling paste.

As you style your damp hair, it’s best to apply a pre-styling product such as a hair mousse, serums, or sea salt spray to achieve the best look for your desired finished hair style.

5) When it comes to hair styling, oftentimes less is more.

Avoid using too many hair products when you are styling your hair. You wouldn’t like to end up with a greasy or heavy appearance. All in all a more natural hairstyling looks is more desirable, so limit the hair products that you use.

6) Use shampoo when you’re struggling to remove wax from your hair.

Ever have a problem removing wax from your hair? Here’s the technique you can try doing, apply shampoo to your dry hair. Rinse your hair and then follow up with another shampoo application to rid off the wax from your hair.

7) Avoid using hot showers when you have a naturally greasy hair.

Some men are born with greasy scalp and hair, if you’re one of them ditch out warm shower or using hot water as it can only provoke your already overactive sebaceous glands. Avoid overwashing, too much scrubbing and rubbing your hair hard too.

8) Hair-styling clay and pastes work best if you want to achieve a casual, messy look.

While gels are better for a slicker hair look.

9) Short haircut works best if you have thinning hair.

If you are dealing with a receding hairline or thinning hair, having a short, cropped haircut or buzz cut is your best option. Or you can go ahead and shave everything off if you’re feeling more adventurous.

10) Apply hairspray as your finishing touch.

A quality hairspray can do a great job in keeping your hair in shape and stay up. You can use a spray as a finishing product once you’ve achieved the style you want to ensure your hair will hold up to its shape and position. Just be sure not to overdo it.

11) Use hair cream.

It helps to control fly-aways, frizzy hair and to achieve conservative hairstyles as they make shorter hairstyles look neater.

Creams must be applied into a towel-dried wet hair and use a small amount only specially if you have a fine hair to avoid having an oily or greasy look.

12) Hairstyling products that are more suitable for fine, thin hair include hair mousses, clay and cream.

Hair mousse can give your hair a more plumped appearance. Hair clay can also make fine hair look fuller. Avoid using wet look hair gels, waxes and promenades though as they are prone to make your hair look more separated and thus, make the scalp look more visible.

Additional Hair Care Tips for Men

• When drying your hair after taking a shower, avoid rubbing your hair hard with a towel.

As your hair tends to be weaker when wet, rubbing it hard with a towel can cause hair breakage. Instead, avoid stressing your hair by simply patting it dry with a towel. Alternatively for additional care, you can also use a cotton t-shirt to dry your wet hair.

• Consider getting a regular stimulating and de-stressing head massage to promote healthy blood circulation in your scalp which can contribute to a healthier hair growth.

• Use shampoos sparingly

Shampoos can cause your hair to go dry. Limit your use of shampoo to at most three times a week and use hair conditioner daily.

• Protect your mane when in the pool

Chlorinated pool can wreck havoc to your hair leading your hair to be dry, brittle and dull. Wet your hair with water thoroughly and consider applying conditioner before diving into the pool.